When we think of resonator guitars, it is the National and Dobro designs from the late 1920's that generally come to mind.  Indeed, few other names have penetrated this niche market.  The Republic range covers both classic single-cone and tri-cone models, adding features that give a modern dimension to these very traditional instruments, such as body cutaways and options like classic nickel or "distressed" metal finishes. Republic Guitars was founded in the town of Rowlett just outside of Dallas Texas, in August 2013 we relocated to our new home in Austin.       

The Story

When Texas teenager Frank Helsley heard Johnny Winter playing acoustic blues on a resonator it signaled the start of a lifelong obsession, both as a player and designer. In 2007, frustrated at the affordable options available to the modern resonator enthusiast, Helsley founded Republic Guitars. 

In 2009 Helsley came up with the Highway 61, a travel-sized guitar with a single cut-away, loud, highly playable, and with surprisingly rich tone for such a small instrument.  A year later Helsley won a U.S. patent on the design.  Republic has already attracted celebrity names such as the Doobie Brothers, The Eagles, and Johnny Winter himself.  


Frank and Johnny Winter

Frank and Johnny Winter

Our Guitars

Every guitar we sell is personally inspected and set up for each order.  It is our goal to deliver a quality instrument with a great sound and unique character.  Our guitars are meant to be played although they are nice to look at.  There's nothing like a resonator guitar.  Our love and passion for the rich history of this instrument can be felt in every guitar we ship.