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Parlor Rocket | Polished Nickel

SKU: PG300-306-4094

Body: Bell Brass
Finish: Polished Nickel
Cover Plate: 'UFO'

This one just has a tiny finish blemish (hey, that rhymes!) in the tuner slot on the bass side. See pics!

Antique geared tuners
2-way adjustable trussrod
Round mahogany neck
Blackwood Tek fret board
12 frets to the body
Maple saddle 24 1/2" scale
3" body depth
1 13/16" bone nut
18 1/2" body length
38" total length
8 5/8" upper bout
12 1/8" lower bout
7.1 pound weight

Ships with Feather-lite/Durafoam Case
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