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Duolian | Antique Steel W/ Pickup

SKU: DF500-505-2663

Body: Steel
Finish: Antique Steel
Cover Plate: Diamond Holes

This guitar didn't pass our inspection because the angle of the neck is every so slightly less angled than we like them to be. This means that the action is a little bit lower be default and the strings sit a little lower into the body as well. This one is so close to being at an acceptable angle that it is almost impossible to tell that this is happening. there is also a very small blemish were the fretboard meets the nut as shown in the pictures. It plays wonderfully and sounds just like the others. It also has a schatten pickup installed on the biscuit. 
Antique geared tuners
2-way adjustable trussrod
Round mahogany neck
Blackwood Tek fret board
14 frets to the body
Maple saddle
25 1/2" scale
3" body depth
1 13/16" bone nut
18 1/4" body length
39 1/2" total length
10 1/4" upper bout
14 1/4" lower bout
8.4 pound weight

Ships with Feather-lite/Durafoam Case