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Highway 61 | Polished Nickel

SKU: H610-7100-4526

This guy is brand spankin' new, and only has some really hard to notice cracks in the fretboard. You have to look really close to even notice, and it won't get worse, it's Blackwood Tek and sometimes comes that way out of the process so shouldn't ever be a problem.
Body: Bell Brass
Finish: Polished Nickel
Cover Plate: Diamond

Antique geared tuners
2-way adjustable trussrod
Round mahogany neck
Blackwood Tek fret board
14 frets to the body
Maple saddle
25" scale
3" body depth
1 13/16" bone nut
17" body length
37 3/4" total length
9 1/4" upper bout
12" lower bout
7 pound weight

Ships with Feather-lite/Durafoam Case

Original design by American Folklore Inc.
U.S. Patent # US D625,354