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Tricone Classic | Tarnished Nickel

SKU: T200-212-5115

Body: Bell Brass
Finish: Tarnished Nickel

This tricones' neck is mounted ever so slightly crooked onto the body. As you can see in the photos, the fretboard is not quite parallel to the grid holes. Note that there is more space on one side of the fretboard than the other, that is normal. If you look closely you can see that then neck is at a very slight angle and thus the low E has a little more room before the edge of the neck and the high e has a little bit less. This does not effect intonation or playability. The case lock also broke off during shipping from our builder. 
Antique geared tuners
2-way adjustable trussrod
Round mahogany neck
Blackwood Tek fret board
12 frets to the body
Maple saddle Aluminum T-Bridge
25 1/2" scale
3" body depth
1 13/16" bone nut
20" body length
39 1/2" total length
10 1/4" upper bout
14 1/4" lower bout
8.5 pound weight

Ships with Feather-lite/Durafoam Case